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CellHelmet Protection

How would you like to have the comfort of knowing that if you dropped your phone that it shouldn’t break, and if it did you could get your repair possibly for free? That is a great peace of mind. I am now offering both items at a discounted price. If you where to buy them from CellHelmet directly it would cost you $69.99 for the Altitude X Pro case and $69.99 for the Liquid Glass Pro+  screen protector. From me you get them for only $40 for each or if you buy them together for only $60. Over $600 repair protection for only a one time cost of $60. I want to help you save money and have peace of mind.

Fill out this Contact info for CellHelmet Request.

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Friendly Reminder

If you are going to sell a device you should do the following list in this exact order.

1. Erase and reset your device.

2. List your device on the appropriate site.

3. Verify your device is reset.

4. Deliver said device.

5. Before handing off device make sure it is reset.

6. Go to Olive Garden with you recent business endeavor.

In all seriousness make sure your device is reset. If you don’t you will be handing off information to someone that you do not know. Also doing so will allow the new owner to actually set up the device to them.

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Lisp of the Day


(repeat int expr)

Loop through an expression a set number of time.

Repeat is one of my most commonly used functions when dealing with selection sets. Instead of using a while function, I will repeat the expression the length of the selection set. This will detour from the possibility of having an infinite loop by some strange means either forgetting to change the counter variable or something not modifying correctly.

(repeat (sslength (setq ss (ssget))))

(setq c 0)
(repeat 4 (setq c (1+ c))) returns 4